Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tummy Ts: The Latest Look in Maternity Fashion

Who wouldn't want the world to know about their bundle of joy? Express your excitement by wearing TummyTs! These fun and comfortable maternity t-shirts are trendy and make simple statements about your future offspring! Our maternity tank tops and t-shirts are sexy, form-fitting and made to grow right along with your belly from barely showing to ripe for the pickin.

Tummy Ts offers adorable designs to announce to the world that you are expecting. The charming Jack and Jill designs, along with the Stork and Baby Cruiser, will complement the endearing growth of your belly!

Keep in mind, TummyTs make great gifts for pregnant friends as well as essentials for your own expanding maternity wardrobe. They almost make me want to be pregnant again. Almost.

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